18.11. Setting Boundaries - Workshop

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Setting boundaries, keeping boundaries, opening boundaries
In order to be able to truly engage in closeness in relationships, you need a good way of dealing with boundaries. Because by clearly setting and maintaining boundaries, we can enter into fulfilling contact and feel completely safe. Boundaries are therefore an important mechanism that protects us and enables us to allow intimate closeness. Because a clear YES always needs a clear NO.
But why is it so hard to say "no"? How is it that my "no" is always ignored? What possibilities are there at all to clearly demarcate myself? And on the other hand: How do I deal with it when a boundary is shown to me? Why do I always feel so rejected? 
In this workshop we will practice perceiving our needs and boundaries and communicating them clearly to our counterpart. Through playful methods, we will consciously test how it feels to set boundaries, to dwell on them, to readjust them if necessary, and to uphold the boundaries of my counterpart.
This workshop is for everyone who wants to explore their boundaries and practice setting them.Workshop  at Freudensalon von Laura Méritt, Fürbringerstr.2, 10961 Berlin.

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