18.11. Workshop about personal limits

18.11. Workshop about personal limits
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This is an introduction to shibari workshop. We aim to bring everybody's practical bondage skills to the next level, with priority to people without previous knowledge: Safety, technique, tricks, body considerations and some options for improvisation, playing and fun. The pace and depth covered will be adapted to the needs and speed of the participants. The workshop is based on explicit consent, and strives to be a safeR space based on collective responsibility: we all together will make it a place aware of privilege structures and reducing its consequences (means: we strive for space without annoying isms like: racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, etc.). Therefore, diversity of all kinds is not only welcome in this workshop, but a fundamental part of it.

** please bring your own rope if you can.
Ann Antidote (n.p.) is an artist, active in the fields of shibari, film, installation,music and performance. They have been active in the politics of inclusive and solidary lifeforms, and queer, sex-positive lifestyles as valid, viable and respect-deserving options. This political work and the criticism that follows permeate their artistic work, which has been presented world wide, in contexts ranging -and without distinction -  from co-op living projects, parties, street structures to art biennales, museums and galleries.

Ann teaches shibari for all levels, and has been doing rope work, including ghost rigging for films, theater works and photo sessions, besides private tuition or other rope bondage related services, since 2010. Ann has an inclusive and explicit consent based approach and distances hirself from mainstream bondage contexts (not specially gender/age/ableness/etc. aware).

18.11. Workshop about personal limits 18.11. Workshop about personal limits 18.11. Workshop about personal limits

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