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Unique cocks from the inventor of silicone dildos. G. I. Duncan is a homeopath and founded his manufacturing company, Scorpio in the 70s as an alternative to ugly and unpleasant prostheses. These dildos are relatively soft and pliable. Texture is original from the 90ies, Vintage Dildo!

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27 x 8cm
Size Queen for big appetite. Silicone skin, vanilla, caramel, choco 

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Boxer Fucker

Boxer Fucker

Fair Boxer with an integrated ring to hold every dildo (and whatever else) in place. 95% cotton, 5% spandex.

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 Art print in DIN A5 and DIN A4 by artist Myrtha Meissner, great diversity of pussies!

I: A5

II. A4

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