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Sexperimental documentary film about whores and his/herstory, about internatinal relations, the news from whores perspective and a shadow play about sex work. A variety of settings: a cabaret, a brothel with ladies on parade; a simulated “fight” between a blinde and a dark import who come to the point of solidarity and, last but not least, the final countdown in the butchery (lovely loins hanging about). 

”Nutten & Nüttchen” (Whores and other little sluts) is a Berliner Sexworker Group, constituted in the 80s. It specialities are pub(l)ic informative performances like ths “Whoretour”, guiding people through a traditional working area of Berlin; different actions to celebrate the International Whores´Day every year 2.june; cabaret acts and short films. 35 min, 1993