Crash Pad Series Vol.2

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Shine Louise Houston in the role of high-tech voyeur-next-door. The first scene has two longtime lovers bringing in a guest star � "I've got a present for you" � to spank, slap, (wo)manhandle, pound with a strap-on, and generally ravish. In the next scene, a diligent student comes to the Crash Pad for a quiet night of studying.... but, before long, she's sprawled on the couch fingering herself and fantasizing, eventually blindfolding herself, too. She seems to be having a pretty good time alone, but she welcomes the company when a friend shows up to join her for a playful fuck. The next scene pairs a bossy brunette and her blonde friend, both femmey, for some toe-sucking and deep fucking � their chemistry is fantastic. The fourth scene has a couple of bois roughhousing, with face-fucking, rough doggy style, and even some dildo reacharound action. In the final scene, a couple of tattooed beauties (including alt-porn star Michelle Aston) share their fantasies, and then do their best to realize them.

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