Ladies of the night: "Les vampyres" & Let the Punishment

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Filmed with a shadowy, lushly detailed black-and-white look reminiscent of 1930s art films, Ladies of the Night has exquisite lighting and camerawork, excellent creepy music, and a tantalizing pace with a slow, seductive build-up. An innocent young woman is kidnapped from a deserted street and carried off to a spooky mansion, where she is stripped, bound, and forced/seduced into all manner of delights and torments (again, so hard to tell the difference sometimes!) by her lovely and unearthly fetish-clad captors. Said torments/delights include foot worship, flogging, cropping, paddling and nipple torture. The performers are gorgeous, with a striking look that's not your standard porn-star glitz but definitely not a girl-next-door thing, either. Beautiful and imaginative toys, too, some of which we've never seen the likes of before.

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